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Easy jobs singapore reddit. 7. Growing up my friend was a bread shelfing person. If you want to do network security, CCNA. DO: Managed and optimized the client’s Facebook ad account, increasing the ad ROI from 42% to 65%. Mckinsey, Bain & Co, BCG (MBB) Lawyers in Singapore big 4. besides tt, getting at 2 straight years of experience at a fortune 500 n just applying for overseas jobs is another way. That's it. @ 30 years old sounds possible. As for PR vs citizenship. - by taking the courses and after a few transactions, I know Singapore better and get a better understanding of the things to do and not do when buying a unit in Singapore. Going to offer you a different perspective. Ya, $30-$50 an hour to be a vase. xx/hr plus per diem and other perks, airline benefits, yada yada. Spend more than 5 years in a different market and you will be out of touch with regional requirements/lifestyle , it will be harder to come back. Most HR read applications on weekdays through those days. Understand the concept of scale - there are limits. Job Requirements: - A medical degree (MBBS) and a valid medical license in Singapore. Jobs paying $22,500 a month have to be advertised to locals and permanent residents first, with a few exceptions. if not u also won't die, just become avg sales person. i worked as a part time assistant carpet technician in 2014. Or just do part time then stop after three months. Anthropology + CS, Biology + CS, Economics + CS, or you know, Politics + CS (we all see how popular TT is; with acceptance rate of 100%!). Given your role, it would be easy to find something in Singapore. Metal fabrication, stone working, drywalling, painting, and least of all warehouse. In lieu of a degree, experience at the rate of 1 year of degree = 4 My advice get your place nearby your work place. If you are ready to flip prata or noodles at a hawker centre, then it is easier, and so it is if you are really smart and accomplished doing Their salaries combined probably exceed that of the entire job site (minus the job site PMs and Directors). To top it off, you have no work experience too. • 8 yr. And it pays $26/hour. Software engineers in banks. Also, contacting headhunters may also help. Don’t stop bus or car by stepping down from the side walk. I notice it's getting harder to find jobs now and some are struggling with unemployment. It's easy to get into Logistics field but you gotta start from the bottom. I have seen many fellows Indian do it. Botox, fillers, lasers, chemical peels) Rent might cost you around S$1000 per month, very roughly speaking. Especially if you have your own Motorbike. Employers specifically looking to hire globally will typically use a global recruitment agency to search. Cheap and good very easy. Next to impossible for you to find a job here from scratch. So I guess it depends on your definition of "not much money". 9. Unless you have a very niche & rare skill that the local population currently does not have, you won’t be able to get a job here. Not like other FAANG techs but great growth opportunities if you can handle it. pays at least $23/h, only experience needed is minimal. It's really difficult to get a job now, because the barriers of entry are so high, especially for foreigners. I wonder if the job market is bad in Singapore. "A lot of the websites I've seen talking about jobs in Singapore for foreigners seemed to be focused on CEO-like positions" true, in terms of labour share. Then maybe go to Australia / Canada to settle down with family. many countries have a 2 yr working exp min criteria for visa. 8-3. jobstreet. Cybersecurity is actually quite a spectrum in terms of jobs prospect. From what I understand, the three main factors are salary, size of the company and local demand. From $0-million dollars. There are people from all over the engineering spectrum working in Aero as well, ranging from Mechanical, electrical/electronics, computing science, etc. Clinic assistant. Reply. We're past those now, but for 2+ years, life in Singapore sucked. S. Staffie for freelance fnb jobs. if you hv the gift of tongue and are able to convince ppl to buy stuff they don't need, then you can earn alot obv. Shift end means go home. But even that is not guaranteed in It's definitely possible to get stuck in a role and if they think you're not good enough, they will not give you that many opportunities to try other things. i work with Zendesk’s HR on a daily basis. 35 sec. Small talk is a skill. For more info go to /r/Save3rdPartyApps/ ​ https://redd. Tech job prospects for career changers. Just left public service. Money doesn't come as easily as you might think. If you need to work PR is better than EP/S Pass. In fact, it is difficult for foreigners to get middle income jobs in Singapore. It would be relatively easy for a foreigner to get a job here, too bad the reverse is not true for a Singaporean to find a job in London. , valuations, deals advisory, etc. Well, you can make between $3-5k or so as a security officer, working 6 days/week, 12 hours/day. It is the most seamless approach because HR will settle your relocation in terms of compensation, taxes, lodgings etc. You would probably find your remuneration to be similar or even better as tax here is very low. I used to run all these jobs and more physically demanding jobs when I needed the cash. Many changes due to AI making ppl redundant quickly. bachelor’s or higher degree required by the specialty occupation from an accredited college or university. Wᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ ᴛᴏ ʀ/SGExᴀᴍs – the largest community on reddit discussing education and student life in Singapore! SGExams is also more than a subreddit - we're a registered nonprofit that organises initiatives supporting students' academics, career guidance, mental health and holistic development, such as webinars and mentorship programmes. So far from what I see, if u working in MNC, the easiest way is to get an internal transfer or apply for overseas roles internally. 1300 12 hrs 6 days. A place for all your Singapore related questions. My friend started with 3. Plain_burunghantu. You are an employee and you get a w-2 at the end of the year. Sure a downturn is on the horizon, but US experience is overrated. 5k in salary. Asset Management (Firms like Fidelity, Blackrock) Software engineers Google, Amazon, Unicorns. 5k sgd. Paid a basic + commission from each ship bought/ sold like a real estate agent, but since these ships are in the millions…. I'm in games industry without any qualifications. Reply reply. Timing is shit but the pay is higher than most part time jobs. Each route was 40 hours and you were supposed to check the stores 2 times a day, three on holidays and storms. Welcome to /r/singapore: The place for anything Singapore. medical benefits and coverage quite good. But, I can tell you they are for big companies. First, got software developer. She makes $32. Tried workmate too and they have random jobs and sometimes short events but the amount of jobs can vary from week to week. As a permanent hire however, you're more likely to stay or leave on your own terms. Citizens feel like they are being passed over for the higher paying jobs in favor of foreigners. With significant overtime, max potential to reach 300K somewhere like the San Francisco Bay Area. Target to close just 10 cases of $100/month plan every year. Just wait around. The mechanic/electrician probably earn like 10 - 14k. sg. Are there any easy-to-get tech jobs in Singapore? Salary wise I'm only looking for $3K+. This method - $2k and you still have $1. 2k salary which is relatively decent for a low stress job. lordlad. Actually Malaysians are the most welcomed group of foreigners to work in Singapore because our culture is kinda similar. $1. That may mean checking baseball scores or discussing NASCAR even if you dgaf about them. Very little stress if you are a technician and you get around 2. If your accounting firm is big, it may help, but local demand is high in accounting, in the sense many s’poreans end up in the service industry at these kind of positions. AutumnMare. If you want to do cloud security, get certs for the Some estimates 4-5y exp 140-180k base and bonuses between 6 months to 2 years. And honestly, Idgaf if there’s down time and I’m not doing anything. For you to qualify to perform services in a specialty occupation you must meet one of the following criteria: Hold a foreign degree that is the equivalent to a U. - Postgraduate qualifications in Aesthetic Medicine (e. Currently a y1, those among my friends who were able to land internships are those who already had pre-u internships. iron rice bowl. My daughter is working for lower paying Spirit as a flight attendant, now in her third year. Ship brokers. Has anyone changed to a job which you are overqualified for or a much easier job before? Im currently in a white collar, office based job in a mnc. To answer your question directly, I think that Aerospace Engineering by itself is a very broad field as far as job scopes go. Members Online TIL there was plan to build another LRT in Buona Vista, connecting NUS, Science Park, Singapore Poly and Holland Village. Wᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ ᴛᴏ ʀ/SGExᴀᴍs – the largest community on reddit discussing education and student life in Singapore! SGExams is also more than a subreddit - we're a registered nonprofit that organises initiatives supporting students' academics, career guidance, mental health and holistic development, such as webinars and To pursue cybersec as a career, the key is getting industry recognized certificates. ago. /s youtube. . Recently I've been coming across ads for coding bootcamps in Singapore. just keep swimming and pray you don Easy-Laser AB. The WITCH firms, NCS, Avensys and many other glorified staffing firms helmed by thick-accented recruiters. pendelhaven. Companies that usually pay in that range are all either on hiring freeze or layoff mode. It could be from a point of luxury, or just my social circle, but everyone starts their job search at least a semester before graduation (usually extends even before that). Yikes. The pay rate for most of these jobs are anywhere between $7. Now, if you're comparing that salary to other jobs like MBB etc of course it's not an insane amount. You need to get over three hurdles: getting accepted by the employer, getting your pass approved by MOM and getting out of PH. Generally helps to get a post in CS/PS if your father or mother is someone important. The more important factors to me are less stress, WLB and WFH options, as I'm dealing with family and health issues. For general business student, no company will be keen to pay the minimum required for EP (around 6-7k SGD monthly salary) unless you can get a Work Holiday Visa first and work as an intern with almost inexistent pay for six months, quickly show value and ask for proper salary with a proper job title. As for whether it's "easy" to find a job (aside from the MOM stuff), it's similar to other cities. The only non-OT job I had paid less than $3k despite my several years of experience and wasn’t sustainable. I worked close to 4 years to reach this level, not high but I would say middle. IT helpdesk support. That itself is the main attraction. but to add value. if you hentak kaki here until you retire it's extremely comfortable! in reality you never hentak kaki: Trading is an up-or-out business. High raise building window cleaner, don't need degree but need certificate Switched jobs 3 times, currently at my 4th, in 8 years, and can say that the pay is more of less stagnant at $3K. Yes but for IT. So that we can identify whether its a computing thing or the job market in general. " - good chance, but better with connections. 205K subscribers in the askSingapore community. a. Starting salary in singapore is atleast 3. For example, in your position, you'll want to get at least 1 entry level cert related to the job that you're applying for. PossibleConsistent77. I heard Zendesk had pretty good WLB with rather decent pay. Salary level is somewhat low. Only apply for jobs from Mon to Thurs. There are other functions in the big 4 (e. So you work during this pre-uni period and every term break and get paid even when you're not working during the term itself. If you lower your TC expectations, you may be able to find a job with one of the consultancies/body shopping companies. But you have no career progression and have to deal with shit local bosses. Yes, they are legit jobs - I have been doing this type of work for the last 15 years. for most people 200k @ 30 is a good outcome. Probably have to work alternate weekends, but you work less days means less travel time, and probably not during peak hour rush which reduces travel time. Use linkedin, jobstreet or go directly to the company’s career page. Maybe not hugely different to Stockholm. 00/hr. Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine, Certificate in Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers) - At least 3-5 years of experience in Aesthetic and injectables procedures (e. You are applying technical roles, unless u have a similar job title or a competitor company on ur resume u will find recruiters not really willing to spend time on your application. This one pay quite well, and you can work alone or in small groups to develop software. Singapore is one of the most safe place, you don’t have to be anxious. •. Go to a store, take bread from back and put it on the shelf. In Singapore many of us are taught to only speak when there is a "purpose", in the US it is important to be able to talk about the things Americans want to talk about in the ways that they like. Electrical/Electronic Engineering. it/144f6xm/ This is a huge deal for many people, especially with COVID restrictions. Meaning you don’t step on the road for bus or taxi. So yes, it is indeed very difficult for foreigners (without extra ordinary skill and experience) to get jobs in Singapore. Got to be so easy they grabbed a second route, then a third. Her last job was at Kay Jeweler for about minimum wage. You might make as little as 70K in a low cost of living area doing minimal work, or as high as 167K in a high cost of living working your butt off. 9 mil by 65!!! It’s possible because a Uni grad is $3. Salary comes in usually a week after. Literally fits all the ticks as you suggest just have to do OT because we are project based. I would suggest my old job, process engineer at a Japan engineering MNC. Approved, but please remember Rule #6. Data Science/Data Analyst Roles in unicorns. All the entries on your resume should be super-specific. They usually have to do this within 7 days of your last day of employment. 750/month for year 2 and 850/month for year 3. Administrators, Tuition, Data Entry, Customer Service, imo are Tier 1 part time jobs for lowest physical pressure and maximum cushiness with air conditioning which is a major plus. And the best part is that like I said, not only is the job insanely easy, but you also spend the majority of your shift not doing anything because A truck drives onto the scale anywhere from The covid situation does not help either. 5k for your housing and other expenses. Generally fast paced and always about output. Gotta pass an annoying test first, but once you clear that hurdle all you need is a smartphone and laptop with Google chrome. sec5. The subsidies seem to have been going on for at least a couple of years. 2-1. r/SGExams. Drink plenty of water, go for your lunch / dinner breaks and have sufficient rest. ask for from $9/hr to $10/hr after working 4~ months as a part timer, usually your boss be okay You can apply directly from the Philippines especially for high demand positions. Mayor. • 4 yr. Surely if you are looking for remote work, you should have some basic idea of how to filter job results by “part-time”. But ever since covid these kinda openings dropped a lot. jobsdb. (3) As a foreigner, you will be restricted in many ways. I'm pretty sure there literally isn't an easier job in existence, unless being paid to not show up at work is a job. so $400k p. 13 years in Singapore12 times PR application got rejected. Overall if you pass quickly it's "only" a 1. had a project requiring electronic eng to design a circuit board and mech eng to design plastic product If so whats the basic salary i can get. These bootcamps are marketed to those wanting to break into tech, and heavily subsidised by IMDA on the condition that you get a tech job. All my friends (CS and non-CS) are getting job offers before graduation. This allows you to stand out from the other candidates & show the recruiter that you’re a high-achiever. A place for all your Singapore related if you want a gd job: studying in the country (e. Depends on your standard of living obviously. I just happen to be self taught from sec school so I had a good portfolio when work life starts. Maybe $1800. Damn easy our new citizens and PRs from MY love to bring you on board, they prefer their own natives. I would say its pretty good money if you’re working for yourself and not under a shop! Security Command Centre role for social media companies. But due to covid a lot of companies are freezing hiring for now. Now as an analyst in Supply Chain function. "looking at jobs in software engineering and machine learning. I have background for Logistics and Operations. Friday, not much time to follow up on application profile with hiring managers. You can take a single shift and search via location and pay. Can also ask for raise if you doing part time for a long time, e. This sub will be private for at least a week from June 12th. Unless CS is really your passion, in most cases, majoring something else with CS as a minor provides better chance for a success and happier life. USD$18/hour. Food and transport are relatively inexpensive. All the shit in Singapore go to this place for NEA to reprocess and clean up. Its not like employers would get terribly excited by either candidate. My job is quite demanding and doesn’t have good work life balance and I find it quite overwhelming. Pros. Discussion. e. Doctors. No problem lah, I can recommend a few for you. Trash 🗑️ to Treasure 🏆 Mama Diam - retro-influenced speakeasy bar 38 Prinsep Street Singapore (188665) Scale 1:25 r/singapore • Taylor Swift and Coldplay will perform at the National Stadium – but will the sound quality be good enough? There is Stripe, Cloudflare, Zendesk, GitLab, Grab, Foodpanda, which are not bad IMO. Investment Banking/Sales and Trading in Tier 2 Investment banks. --------. It really depends on what exactly you're looking for. Network engineer. Crane operator can be high 4 digits i heard. 5-$4k so doesn't make sense for them to pay me the same. I do not know what most of these jobs are hiring for. For non-voice process customer service jobs, you need to have skills like professional email writing, exploring tickets platform, and good typing speed for chat support. 3. (also varies from company on how lax they are with WFH arrangements) + if you are struggling financially than there's no excuse for you to find job which requires you to go out of your house to work unless due to unforeseen circumstances. rantvsrave. Singapore job market is relatively well at the moment , especially for Singaporeans. . it's been a topic of debate even locally. After your EP is cancelled, you're given a Short Term Visit Pass (STVP), which allows you to stay in Singapore for a limited time (like 90 days if you're American). I'm a 23/F, graduated last summer from a UK university with a Journalism degree. good amount of bonus payout even though you are an average performer. One of the cons in working in SG is the current high price of rentals. try the job portal like www. $3,000 – $4,500 per month. And we had the general consensus that even with prior work experience on our resume, its very tough landing a job now, arguably harder than pre-u. If you hustle and find the best opportunities in exchange for great salary and work life balance at 30, that’s taking it easy from 30-70 years old. Lionbridge TELUS remote search result rater. • 3 yr. My new job doesn’t have the same OT every day, but occasionally we do need to stay to 11-12 to finish projects with hard deadlines and that just seems part of normal work in Singapore. kronograf. 14. Hi all, I'm a Malaysian hoping to work in Sg and would like to seek some advice on how I can get an employer to offer me an employment pass. 9) Please plan your leaves a few weeks in advance at the bare minimum and inform your team about it. Partner closely with area sales management at the APAC sales distributor network. If you find a new job during this period, your new employer Usually WFH jobs are very specialized jobs like accounting, tech-related jobs. also in singapore beacause some jobs can receive applications in the hundreds if not thousands especially those in more popular companies. Question. GED only. Slacking. I can only give you a tip when applying for jobs. 5 yrs will land u a somewhat entry level job (non senior role). How to find "lazy girl" jobs in Singapore? Ideally, $2. I have been working as a Senior Programmer in Singapore since 2009 and my first PR application was rejected in 2011, and I have been rejected Difficulty and pay are somewhat tied, as is pay to locale. $9 per hour is already a really high rate for a part timer. They will need time to plan manpower to cover your work if you're going away for a few days or weeks. If profuse sweating bothers you, it can feel soul crushing to go outdoors. They know the job is simple and when we get a customer to assist them within the confines of our role and wait for the next. You must always keep an eagle eye on the margin and it will always be the basis of every decision. Just put your time from 8-10am when applying jobs. However, the customer service job (voice process) is very easy to get without any experience. Only government and public service jobs have no retrenchments in Singapore. Be ethical, and you can actually charge a premium for it and your staff will be with you. It’s not wrong to take it easy, but learn when is the best time to take it easy. Google the article about the two tiers of tech to know what i mean. wont say most ppl join cos of passion, most likely is seeing the big bucks of top performers or it being a very easy job to get. ChilliWithFries. Search up 1m65 (1 million by 65) If you put in $1000 in CPF OA and $500 each in SA and Medisave from 25 onwards, you can actually compound interest to $1 mil by 55 and $1. Contrary to popular beliefs depending on the industry or role, you’re not going to be fully occupied the entire work day. Both jobs have no prospects. It was hiring people for 8k per month but what you see and smell will linger on your body for a long time. 10) Lastly, take care of yourself. If you join as an intern in SEO or Digital Marketing, you can get placed easily. If you want to buy HDB then need to get PR. (Engineering) Recommend products & provide tech-support, coordinating efforts with area sales. I practically worked for and with them, and they are the bad tier of tech in Singapore for a good reason. More importantly however, the behavior of reddit leadership in implementing these changes has been reprehensible. You can also try working banquets. • 2 days ago. Singapore does not need foriegners. If you don’t need to work and don’t need to buy HDB, the LTVP is better. Keep it up for 3 years of your uni and you get 500/month for year 1. Naturally, I feel that some of the users here didn’t give a balanced response and naturally assumed you would be going into audit. I'm posting this in behalf of my friend/colleague cos his reddit account is new. I have always wanted to work in another country (and possible stay put there forever) but my job hunt As a contract staff, your lifespan at the firm is limited to contract length and whether the firm would like to/be able to renew your contract - many factors regarding your tenure wil be largely out of your control. 8k (but 1 datapoint). com. Salary seems to be anything under sgd5000 will be an automatic refusal for EP. The easiest way would be to graduate either from an undergrad or grad school in the USA, get your OPT which allows you to work 1 additional year in the USA. Singapore is what it is, a country of 5. Even then, employers are subject to quotas and additional government fees for hiring a foreigner. Long OTs and lots of Mandarin using. sg, www. However, I'd say (if you speak Japanese) you may have a slight competitive advantage, and apply for companies that are targeting Japanese speaking markets but based in Singapore. I've heard that the big tech companies are basically saying "no work permit sponsorship unless it's a critical role". Need to be good with technical stuff, can be quite challenging, but can be done by yourself. Public speech in Singapore is heavily regulated, where the average Redditporean will often feel silenced and muted. Most Singaporean would think it as safety issue. Back up your experiences with data & numbers. (2) Hot and humid all the time. Look for defense related work like DSO, CSIT or DSTA. This gives them 6 months to interview around and land an offer. U will be dealing with alot human and problem solving everday. Hi Reddit! I'm a Swiss guy having currently have a good opportunity to come to work for a few years =) The said opportunity is good for my career, but we are worrying about my wife's career She has a business bachelor from King's college London, 1y experience as a recruitor and 2y in HR at Nestlé Corporate HQ here in Switzerland. Majority of foreigners who work in Singapore are transferred from their home country’s office to the Singapore office. masters) at a reputable uni and getting a job is the easiest way. ). Helped me a lot for buying mine - the courses are not exactly cheap but not the most expensive (around 800 SGD). Washing the shit pool in NEA sanitising complex. 1. r/SingaporeRaw is a safe haven for Redditporeans to share and post freely without fear of censorship. It’ll be very hard to find a job that pays an equivalent amount here for Singapore cost of living. I didn’t do audit and spent time in consulting. Funeral director can make enough to stay in bangalow. Really depends on your team, if majority are in Beijing, or locally managed. As I have sent out so many resume and CV to potential employee just to get rejected or low balled left right and centre. Attrition is pretty high. I think most of these are union jobs. I am not saying do not apply in Singapore, I'm just saying that you definitely need a second plan if luck did not favor you. More experienced senior designers with 20 plus years experience, handling various projects, from Indonesia and Philippines are getting the job done for $3. Some are like retirement village. 5k, 16 days AL, 5 days work week, regular hours, and also all those full-time job benefits. 5k investment. If you are serious about life / career, for earning money maybe target Singapore / Dubai during your initial years. Otherwise they get many many applications for one post. $1,800 is Very unlikely unfortunately. Then hope your employer sponsors your work visa after. 9k in a MnC datacenter with ccna cert. Ramp jobs, front ticketing jobs, flight attendant. No need use brain. Shift work in manufacturing industries. can attest to this. HR recruitment can take up to 6 months due to 'paperwork' unless its the position where some higher management is keeping a very close track of the post. If the force favors u. backside seller. For other countries it may be as little as 30. I doubt you even get $3k/mth for that job. Usually 12 hour shifts, and only work 15 days in a month. Currently working at an American university. Buy and sell ships, container ships especially, but also fuel tankers etc. As a foriegner, you are a cash cow in SG that's about it. Half the time I was idling lol, no pressure because the pay/promotion based on years of service. There are no assimilation issues and Malaysians are generally law abiding. Quite stressful with long hours. There’s also hedge funds like HRT, Jump Trading. Then got data analyst. This one statistic already scares me, because I could imagine the level of planning and organization needed to manage that many people in a small space. If you are Singaporean, there is generally better prospects due to jobs that only Singaporeans can do due to sensitivity of the job. 6. Hello, just thought I’d give you my 2 cents based on my experience in the big 4. It's getting much more difficult to as a foreign worker in Singapore. Train, mentor, and advise distributor teams and customers Moreover, Singapore is welcoming to foreigners and getting PR is relatively easy compared to alot of other countries. good work life balance (depends on where you go tho, have heard some organisations OT a lot) Cons. 25 - $15. Hope this helps you to manage your stress. 4 million, in a land area smaller than New York City. : (. $5-$6K. ADMIN MOD. you might get lucky with hr agencies but i find many if not most hr What you should do as an entrepreneur. stagnant, slow career progression. Warehouse work is probably the easiest physical job out there but the most mentally draining since you aren't learning any new skills and it's so repetitive. Welcome to r/SingaporeRaw Community. I am in the industry and I feel that it is currently doing pretty well with it being slightly impacted by Covid. g. KTV hostess, $300+ per day. Singapore River, Central Region. If you want to do penetration testing, OSCP. wc ak xz ch uy mv zn do ep qd